Available November 1, 2012                 As featured in Publishers Weekly

"Vividly honest and deeply moving."   Rich DeNoyer, VFW Commander-in-Chief

"As a fellow WWII veteran, I salute these great Americans who are indeed 'twice heroes' and whose stories come to life in Tom Graves' work."
Senator Bob Dole   

ISBN   978-0-9858308-0-9

9" x 11 1/2"  hardbound 192 pages. 98 duotone photos

The author spent over a decade meeting with veterans of World War II and the Korean War. From many conversations, come the ones shared here, those of the Nisei, or Japanese Americans who served in spite of suspicion and racial hatred, as well as official discrimination. Overcoming bitter discrimination these veterans not only chose to serve, they distinguished themselves by their accomplishments, heeding the pleas of their immigrant parents: "America is your country. Don't dishonor it, your family or yourself."

Author and photographer Tom Graves says, “Among a generation of heroes, the portraits and stories of these extraordinary ― and extraordinarily humble ― citizen soldiers became the focus of my debut book.”

 “Twice Heroes adds an important chapter to the history of the World War II era in which some proud Americans suffered discrimination and internment simply because of their Japanese ancestry.  Nisei initially were denied entry into our armed forces and many were labeled enemy alien with no recourse to erase that stigma.  Later, Nisei units proved to be outstanding warriors and were validated as loyal Americans.  The interviews Tom Graves has compiled go a long way to help us understand how wartime hysteria can make governments make poor decisions.”     Lt. Gen. Lawrence Snowden, USMC retired

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